7 Things to Let go of Before Welcoming a New Year

As the year ends, many of us traditionally take a moment to reflect on the months that have passed and make plans for the coming year.  Often this consists of a list of things to start doing...eat healthier, take up yoga, journal more etc. But it can be just as powerful to take time to think over the things that you want to leave behind…

So, while we’re celebrating the year that has been, try and take a few moments to think over the things that you’d rather not carry forward into 2023 - they’ll be different for all of us but here are a few suggestions that I know will resonate for most of us…

As much as we hear the word ‘perfectionist’ used in a positive light, it can contribute to the amount of anxiety and stress that we feel. It can also hold us back from starting new things and making progress in our lives.  I consider myself a recovering perfectionist and it’s something that I work on daily - when I catch my mind slipping back into its old ways I use the mantra ‘progress over perfection’ and that’s usually enough to get me moving in the right direction - I encourage you to give it a try.      

Clutter creates stagnant energy, it weighs us down and isn’t conducive to a fresh start. Try starting the year with a good declutter. Avoid feeling overwhelmed by taking it one room, or cupboard at a time. And, don’t forget to clear out digital spaces too! Let go of anything that no longer serves you; please donate anything that you can because most things can often create happiness for someone else. 

Negative Self Talk
Most of us will never get rid of entirely delete that negative voice in our heads but we can learn to turn down the volume of it. Start by listening for it; when does it appear, and what does it say? Often it feels like an angry parent in our heads reminding us of something that we’ve done wrong or could have done better! When you hear it, imagine that it has a volume button and slowly turn it down - helping the voice seem further and further away. It can also help to replace it with kindness; use the words that you would to a friend or child and see how that changes your experience. It takes practice but this is such a powerful habit to cultivate. 

Toxic Relationships 
Anyone spring to mind? I know that it can seem harsh to distance yourself from someone in your life, especially if they are a family member or long time friend. Toxic relationships breed negativity in our lives and impact our own health. Take a break by creating some space and decreasing the amount of connection you have with anyone in your life that falls into this category. You might also find that it helps them too. If it feels good then let the relationship go permanently with positivity and grace.   

Life may not have turned out quite as you expected this year...most of us probably feel this way! But try not to be too harsh on yourself; you have time to get back on track. Look for the lessons that you’ve learnt and then spend some time thinking about the small steps forward that you could take in the coming weeks. Breaking things down into very tiny steps and allowing yourself to move at your own speed is so much more motivating than worrying about what you haven’t managed to get done this year.  

Over Committing
Let the coming year be the one where you say no more often and then use that time to follow a creative passion, follow a dream or take better care of yourself. Most of us have a tendency to over-commit to projects and say yes to things that we really don’t want to do. This year try saying no a little more often and create space for the things that bring you joy and happiness. 

We all put things off from time to time but having those tasks that get moved from one list to another or buzz around our minds just add unnecessary noise to our lives. It could be an appointment you need to make or a conversation you need to have. Take a moment to write them all down; ditch anything that is no longer relevant and then take an hour to work through the ones that are. You’ll love the calm and positivity you feel from doing this.        

It feels so good to leave a few things behind us and look forward to a New Year. I hope that I’ve inspired you to take action on something and I encourage you as always to be gentle with yourself while you make changes. Remember that every step forward counts - no matter how small.

Ever tried an end of year ritual? You’ll love our New Beginnings Ritual Kit - It’s a step by step guide using white sage and natural products that support you in releasing the past and welcoming a new chapter.  


Co – Founder of holistic skincare brand, Pure Thoughts and advocate for women finding pause in their day to breathe deeply, give thanks and reconnect to what matters. Loves early mornings, dogs and books that you can’t put down.

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