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In a fast paced world full of never ending to do lists and endless mind chatter, it’s no wonder that finding time for yourself is often the last thing on your list

But, that doesn’t stop you dreaming of a few moments of peace.  Do you remember the ones? Lingering over your morning tea, taking long baths (without interruption) and sitting down in the evening with your favourite book - without falling asleep, two pages in! 

It's in those quiet moments of reconnection that we believe lies the power to live a calm and more mindful life.  One where your days are filled with more harmony than hustle and where making time for yourself becomes a natural part of your day.  

Together with our mindfully created collection of natural aromatherapy products, we want to help you to rediscover those moments of pause in your day; time to breathe deeply, reconnect to what really matters and give thanks for all that you are blessed with.

"We believe in finding pause; a few minutes to breathe deeply and still you mind"

Pure Thoughts

our story


"Rest when you're weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work.

Ralph Marston



Leanna Doolin

Leanna is the creative force behind Pure Thoughts, using her life long love for essential oils to intuitively create aromatherapy products for women who want to create more calm and mindful days. Inspired by her dreams to live a more holistic life and run a heart driven business she gave up a comfortable 9-5 to follow her passion. When the workshop doors are closed, she’s usually got her nose in a book and Tallulah by her side or enjoying time out in her daily yoga class.

Michael Houlden

Michael is the more technically minded side of the team. After studying his business degree, he pursued a career in logistics before the call for a more conscious life caused him to say goodbye to the traditional career ladder.  Today, he handles website design, retail sales and logistics for Pure Thoughts and when the day is done he can often be found getting creative in the kitchen with his second love, food.

Tallulah Rose

Tallulah joined the team in 2014 but quickly moved up the ranks to become chief happiness officer, she prides herself on bringing joy into everyone’s day - including the postman - with tail wags, cuddles and kisses. She takes life as it comes, loves mama’s homemade dog cookies and regular naps.

Customer Comments


“I bought this wonderful candle to help me with meditation. I have suffered from serious illness over the last few years and well made products are deeply important to me on many levels. This candle did not disappoint at all, the wonderful smelling soy candle contained in a beautiful jar takes pride of place on my bedside table and adds so much to my bedroom let alone meditation. Highly recommended.”


“I’ve wanted to try smudge sticks for a long time. These are just lovely! They smell divine when burning and they leave a lovely scent afterwards. Beautifully packaged too. I’ve now got a peaceful smudging ritual which makes me feel calm and centered - I’m so glad I discovered them!”


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Aromatherapy skincare and soy wax meditation candles all mindfully created to help you find pause in your day; a moment to breathe deeply, give thanks and reconnect.

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