8 Tips For Creating A More Holistic Morning Routine

Tips for creating a holistic morning routine

If your mornings aren’t quite the holistic, mindful start to the day that you dream of then this is for you.  There's no need to get up hours earlier – unless you want to.  Most of these are simple but effective things that I use to get my mornings off to the best start possible… 


I'm not talking about a mile long list of 'to do's' here, just a simple list of three things that are the main focus of your day.  You can set this up in a way that suits you; try adding your most important tasks for the day, 3 things that will move you towards your life goals, or the 3 feelings that you want to cultivate throughout your day.       

Whisper thanks for your blessings before getting out of bed, shout them out loud in the shower or find a moment to journal.  How you give thanks and who to is not important - doing it is.  Making this a daily habit is easy and truly life changing.  Read more about developing a gratitude mindset. 

Drama, crisis and worry all lead to feeling overwhelmed and they're all available at the touch of a button or two; try leaving your phone, social media accounts and TV alone until you've got your day off to a good start.  Being particularly sensitive to media headlines and world issues means that personally I avoid them as much as possible; that's not to say that I am ignorant or uncaring of larger issues but restricted access helps me to prioritise my own wellbeing.  I'm not suggesting that you should live like a hermit - just control when and how you consume daily media. Here's how mindfulness can help to reduce the amount of overwhelm that you feel.

Hopefully you've been asleep for at least 7 hours and so your body needs rehydrating.  Before you reach for your morning tea or coffee try to get a least one glass of water - start small if you have to, just a little will help your body get the kick start that it needs.  

Yes, we all know how important breakfast is.  The benefits for of a nourishing breakfast are endless for your body.  But, consider the holistic benefits too; it's an opportunity to spend a few mindful moments alone or with your family.  Try putting your plans to one side for a few moments and be fully present while you appreciate the start of a new day.  

Meditating in the morning really helps to quiet your mind and get your day off to an intentional start. Simply begin by lighting a natural candle and sitting quietly while your mind slowly adjusts and begins to slow down.  Let your thoughts pass by like clouds, letting each one go while you bring your focus in to your breath. You’ll be surprised how powerful this is, especially if you practice it every day.

My favourite form of exercise is yoga, even a pose or two is helpful in the mornings but if you are able to gradually increase that time then you really will feel the benefits.  If you prefer a slightly faster pace then dancing around the house or walking the dog is great too.    

Lastly, look in the mirror and SMILE - it’s a new day and you’re here to enjoy it! 

8 tips for creating a more holistic morning routine
8 ways to create a more holistic morning routine
8 tips for creating a more holistic morning routine


Co – Founder of holistic skincare brand, Pure Thoughts and advocate for women finding pause in their day to breathe deeply, give thanks and reconnect to what matters. Loves early mornings, dogs and books that you can’t put down.

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