6 Ways to Create a Weekend Wellness Routine

Is your weekend a bit of a balancing act? Tasks to finish, chores around the house and not to mention all the things that have to be ready for Monday morning! It’s no wonder that it feels impossible to fit in a little time for yourself - and not just for the basics, I’m talking about your inner wellness. Because let’s be honest, running on empty makes us miserable; it leaves us vulnerable to illness and means that we can’t shine as brightly as we’re supposed to in this world. 

But, if you approach your weekend with an even longer ‘to do’ list than you have in the week, how can you create time for yourself? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’m halfway through my second decade running a full time creative business, as well as managing our household and making my own wellness a priority every day. And, I’d love to help you create your own wellness routine by sharing a few things that have helped me along the way…   

If it feels like most of the weekend chores fall to you then it’s time to delegate a little; if this makes you feel uncomfortable then start small with a task here and there. But before you start, look through your list or write down everything that you typically do on the weekend to see if there’s anything that doesn’t really need to be done. Even something small. If you find anything then get rid of it. Take a look through the rest to see who else could take care of one or two of those things. Maybe someone else can change the beds or perhaps you order the weekly groceries online to save some time on a Saturday morning? You get the idea, right? It’s not your job to take care of everything, learning to let some of it go is life changing.   

Most of us need to do this a way more than we do. We find ourselves over committing far too often and then wonder why we don’t have time for ourselves.  I know that it can be a challenge to say no; we worry that people will think less of us and that we’re letting them down. But, if the alternative is saying yes and then resenting the time that it takes then aren’t we really letting them down anyway - as well as ourselves? I think so. Here are some tips on saying no with a little grace, practise them often and I promise that it gets easier.

Even if the weekend is crammed with getting the kids to their activities and household tasks then look for the natural pauses throughout the day. Maybe you can use a few minutes sat waiting in the car to take a few deep breaths and create a moment of mindfulness in your day. If you’re taking care of housework, then listen to an uplifting podcast that supports your beliefs or stretches your mind. If you need to get in some exercise then turn up the music and dance while you clean - I’m sure you get the idea.

Not having enough time is the biggest reason why most of us scrimp on taking care of  ourselves. But, if we could spend a little less time in front of our screens I’m pretty sure that we could all find at least an extra 15-30 minutes for improving our wellbeing.  Give it a try. Here are a few more tips on taking a digital detox and how to get started.   

Did you know that a nap as short 10-15 minutes is said to boost your health and wellbeing? And there’s even research to support just how good they are for us! And, once you’ve unplugged a little (see tip above) you’ll easily find the time.  Taking a nap is not only restorative to the mind and body but it can also boost your mood and productivity. Give it a try, you’ll be amazed. But, there’s a bit of a science behind getting a nap that leaves you feeling refreshed rather than groggy, it’s pretty simple but I’ve put all of the details here for you.   

While it’s nice to let go of routine and let the weekend flow a little more naturally, it helps to have a couple of weekend habits that help you create time to nurture your own wellness.  So, perhaps while the kids are doing an activity you can enjoy a yoga class? Or try having a designated quiet zone in the house on a sunday, free from tech and TV’s. Use the room - together or alone - to read or catch a few quiet moments to yourself.  Keep the room tidy and fill it with relaxing scent from your favourite aromatherapy candles.  I’m sure you can think of lots of ideas that suit you and your family but you get the idea?    


Co – Founder of holistic skincare brand, Pure Thoughts and advocate for women finding pause in their day to breathe deeply, give thanks and reconnect to what matters. Loves early mornings, dogs and books that you can’t put down.

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