How to use your inner wisdom to guide you forward

Whatever you call it...inner wisdom, intuition or your higher self there’s no doubt that we’ve all received little nudges along the way from that voice inside of us. Sometimes they appear as a dream or vision, thoughts, or feelings that you can’t shift. For me, it can sometimes be a combination of them all.

Our inner wisdom can be our guiding light, but in a busy world and a head full of mind chatter, that inner voice can get lost; drowned out by the noise.

If you feel like you’ve lost touch with your inner wisdom or simply want to hear it a little louder then here are a few steps you can take…

First of all, tread carefully and be gentle with yourself. Reconnecting with our inner wisdom isn’t something that can be forced or rushed. There’s no need to try too hard, just practice consistently and let it unfold naturally...your connection will grow in time.     

The thought of slowing down used to terrify me and so if you’re feeling the same, stick with me. Because we’ve been led to believe that slowing down means getting less done and for most of us that doesn’t feel like an option, right? But, that’s not necessarily right, I know because i’ve done it. Learning to slow down helps to ease the non stop noise and chatter that keeps our inner wisdom quiet; like the voice at the back of a busy room, it’s speaking to you but it just can’t be heard. There are many ways to approach this from finding a few pauses in your day right through to saying no to extra commitments. I know that it can feel like a challenge to begin with and so I’ve written another post full of tips on How to Slow Down Without Getting Less Done 

Let go of expectations of what reconnecting with your inner wisdom will feel like. Yes, it’s wonderful to tune into, but life will still have it’s inevitable bumps in the road because there will be times when we’re looking the other way and don’t feel the gentle nudge that our inner wisdom is giving us and they’ll even be times when we hear it but don’t feel quite ready to take the leap it’s suggesting, that’s okay.

I’d love everyone to practice meditation in their day, what a world that would be! Because something magic happens when we’re still. It’s true that for most of us our thoughts never really disappear when we meditate but in time it gives us the ability to simply observe them and let them pass without getting wrapped up in them. Being able to do this means that we’re less likely to get dragged into a whirlwind of fearful thoughts that leave us feeling anxious and stressed. The stillness also gives us the opportunity to listen to guidance; both from within and above.     

Getting started isn’t difficult and I encourage you to try are some more tips on how to make meditation your new wellness habit 

This is such a great help, especially when you’re not sure which advice is coming from your inner wisdom. Begin by writing everything down; start with your hopes, dreams and fears...don’t think too much just let the words pour onto the paper. You’ll be surprised how powerful this can be and so please create time around it - alone if possible - because it can bring up emotions which are better felt while you write rather than withheld.

Write regularly and you’ll start to see recurring themes, both positive and negative. In time this will help you identify the thoughts in your head as inner wisdom, logic or fear...and help you tune into the one you want to hear more from.      


With so many thoughts whirling around your mind, I know that it can feel like a challenge to know which voice is your inner wisdom talking and not the sound of fear or your inner critic trying to keep you in your comfort zone. By following one or two of the other tips that I’ve mentioned, it should slowly become clearer which voice is speaking to you. You’ll usually find that when you tune into your inner wisdom, the advice it offers feels balanced and like the right choice to make. Take a moment to acknowledge and express gratitude for the guidance that has been offered, even if you’re not sure how to follow it.

There are many ways to use your inner wisdom to guide you forward. Use these tips as a strating point and experiment with what works for you. Remember it's helpful to be consistent. Reconnecting to your inner wisdom won’t happen overnight but when nurtured that voice does become stronger and will help you move forward on your path. 


Co – Founder of holistic skincare brand, Pure Thoughts and advocate for women finding pause in their day to breathe deeply, give thanks and reconnect to what matters. Loves early mornings, dogs and books that you can’t put down.

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