6 Simple Steps to Creating a Self Care Sunday

While I think it’s important to try and sprinkle a little self care into every day, sometimes we need more time to fully reconnect and recharge. With a busy schedule, that can take some planning, right? And I love a good plan!...

So here’s the way that I approach a self care sunday (or any other day of the week if that works for you). It doesn’t have to be too rigid if that’s not your style but a little preparation goes a long way. Having a purpose and guide for the day will help you to mindfully recharge and avoid any distractions that try to derail your efforts...

Set a Time & Place
Without this, you know it will never happen. Put in on the family calendar and in your day planner. Things will come along and you’ll be tempted to re-arrange or even cancel it, please try not to do this unless there’s a real emergency. Where you spend your self care sunday is up to you, you might want to stay home if you can be sure of some uninterrupted time. If you can’t get the house to yourself, that’s ok, try using one room as the foundation for your self care sunday instead. I can’t say this enough, please don’t wait for the perfect time because there won’t be one. Close the door if you have to and avoid the noise in the house by wearing a set of headphones with some relaxing music...whatever it takes.       

Talk it over…
Whether you have the house to yourself or not, you’ll probably need to speak to whoever you live with to ask them not to disturb you. Or you may need to ask someone to look after your children for a few hours. I know that not everyone is receptive to the idea of self care and so approach this any way that helps you avoid the opinions of others because you do NOT need to justify why you need time for yourself.       

Set an Intention…
I always find it helpful to take a few minutes to think about what I want from my time; sometimes I simply need to recharge but other times I'm looking for more guidance or reconnection. Take a minute to think about what you need from your self care sunday, how would you like to feel at the end of your day? And, what small actions could you fill your day with to make sure that this happens? 

Gather what you’ll need...   
Gather everything that you’ll need for your self care sunday, I love the ritual of this...put aside comfortable clothes, collect throws, pillows, candles, crystals, books, journals, pens, and incense/sage sticks. Whatever feels right for the intention of your day. Put it all to one side or into a bag, even if you won’t be leaving the house. Not only is this a powerful statement to set the tone for your day but on a practical level it makes sure that you don’t waste time looking for things on the day itself.

Start the night before...
Research tells us that when we need a little extra rest, it’s much better to go to bed early than sleep late...did you know that? So, rather than sleep in and miss the first half of your self care sunday, take a warm bath or shower with a few of your favourite soy wax candles and natural skincare and enjoy a calm evening before getting into bed at least an hour earlier than usual. If you need extra sleep during your self care sunday then enjoy a nap. (link)

Rise with the sun...
An early start will make sure that you enjoy as many peaceful hours as possible. Remember that if you feel tired later in the day you can always enjoy a nap. Start your self care sunday with as much positivity as possible, drink plenty of lemon water, nourish your body with a healthy breakfast and think of at least 3 things that you’re grateful for.     

If you’re used to being on the move all day, then your first self care sunday, might make you feel a little uncomfortable...don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal. It’s definitely not a sign that you ‘should’ be doing something else! Self care is a practice that needs patience and consistency. Stay with it and in time it’ll feel as natural as brushing your teeth, I promise.       

To help you plan your self care sunday, I’ve shared my own self care sunday checklist and workbook , please download your own printable copy and start planning. 


Co – Founder of holistic skincare brand, Pure Thoughts and advocate for women finding pause in their day to breathe deeply, give thanks and reconnect to what matters. Loves early mornings, dogs and books that you can’t put down.

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