Lunar Crescent Crystal Collection
Lunar Crescent Crystal Collection
Lunar Crescent Crystal Collection
Lunar Crescent Crystal Collection
Lunar Crescent Crystal Collection
Lunar Crescent Crystal Collection
Lunar Crescent Crystal Collection

Lunar Crescent Crystal Collection

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Introducing the Lunar Crescent Bowl Crystal Collection – a harmonious blend of beauty and energy. This exquisite set features a handcrafted crescent moon-shaped selenite bowl, symbolizing growth, intuition, and new beginnings. Paired with carefully selected crystals, it’s perfect for enhancing your spiritual practices.

This collection contains

1 x Labradorite - Known for its protective and transformative properties.
1 x Clear Quartz - Amplifies energy and intention, bringing clarity.
1 x Moonstone - Encourages inner growth, intuition, and calm.
1 x Amethyst - Promotes peace, balance, and spiritual awareness.
1 x Lunar Selenite Bowl  - To cleanse and charge your crystals.

Use the selenite bowl to cleanse and charge your crystals, ensuring they remain energetically pure. Display this beautiful collection in your sacred space to invite the moon's magic and these powerful energies into your home. Ideal for those seeking balance, protection, and spiritual growth, the Lunar Crescent Bowl Crystal Collection is a perfect addition to any holistic lifestyle.

+ Affirmation Card
+ Information Card
+ Re-useable Linen Bag

Crystal Size 
Approximate size of crystals 25-40mm 

Bag Size 
Approximate size of bag 10 x 13cm 

Bowl Size 
Approximate size of bowl 100mm

Scroll down for instructions on how to use crystals. Instructions are also included in your package.

United Kingdom - Including UK Mainland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands. 

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About this collection

Our Lunar Crescent Crystal Collection contains 4 crystals - 1 each of : Moonstone, Labradorite, Clear Quartz and Amethyst presented in a Lunar Selenite Charging Bowl.

Moonstone: Enhance intuition and emotional balance. Calm your mind, relieve stress, and embark on new ventures with clarity.

Labradorite: Protect and transform energy. Sharpen mental clarity, boost energy, and connect to higher consciousness.

Clear Quartz: Amplify energy and intentions. Enhance focus, support physical health, and align with universal energy for manifesting desires.

Amethyst: Calm the mind and enhance intuition. Relieve stress, support restful sleep, and provide spiritual protection.


Beginners guide to crystals

We’re often attracted to the energy that we need the most and so choose the crystals that you feel most drawn to. Alternatively, consider your intentions; spiritual growth, healing, inner strength or cultivating love in your life. Match your intentions to the properties of each stone to find the one for you.

Read our guide >


Create a calm and more mindful life

It's in those quiet moments of reconnection that we believe lies the power to live a calm and more mindful life.  One where your days are filled with more harmony than hustle and where making time for yourself becomes a natural part of your day.  Together with our mindfully created collection of natural aromatherapy products, we want to help you to rediscover those moments of pause in your day.

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