Home Cleansing Ritual Kit
Home Cleansing Ritual Kit
Home Cleansing Ritual Kit
Home Cleansing Ritual Kit
Home Cleansing Ritual Kit
Home Cleansing Ritual Kit
Home Cleansing Ritual Kit
Home Cleansing Ritual Kit

Home Cleansing Ritual Kit

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Whether you’re saying hello to a new home or need to re-energise an existing one, our Home Cleansing Ritual Kit will help you release negative and stagnant energy while easing tension and welcoming a peaceful feeling back into your home.

Your Home Cleansing Ritual Kit arrives in a cotton bag with a step by step guide to creating your ritual at home. It contains natural products that support the release of negativity and inspire feelings of calm.

Our Home Cleansing Ritual Kit includes:
1 x Peace Meditation Candle (18hrs)
2 x White Sage Sticks
1 x Palo Santo Stick
1 x Clear Quartz Crystal

+ Step by Step Ritual Guide
+ Reusable 100% Cotton Bag

Want to learn more about energetic cleansing?  Then you’ll love our New Cleansing Smoke E-Book

100(w) x 50(d) x 130(h) in mm (Cotton Bag) 

Vegan Friendly. Cruelty Free. Palm Free.

Full ingredients for each product can be found on the relevant product page.

United Kingdom - Including UK Mainland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands. 

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About this Ritual Kit

What you'll find inside our Home Cleansing Ritual Kit:

1 x Peace Meditation Candle
Created with Soy wax and the uplifting essential oil of Lavender; a soothing oil that creates emotional balance during stressful times and helps to relax the mood within your home. It’s also well known as one of the most nurturing essential oils making it perfect for periods of transition and change.

2 x White Sage Sticks
White sage helps to purify and cleanse. It’s especially useful for removing stagnant energy and negativity within yourself and your home. Use as part of your Home Cleansing Ritual Kit to create a sense of calm and help release energy that no longer supports your purpose.

1 x Palo Santo Wood
Palo Santo is a sacred wood known for its natural cleansing and healing properties. It’s said to help calm the nervous system and reduce stress making it the perfect way to cleanse your space before wellness practices, healing work or simply to prepare for a good nights rest. It has a sweet aromatic scent and can be burnt as part of a cleansing ritual or used as incense.

1 x Clear Quartz Crystal
Clear Quartz is said to be one of the most powerful crystals for amplifying your intentions, so program it clearly with the fresh energy that you’d like to welcome into your home. It works in tune with your chakras to create balance and bring clarity to the hopes and dreams that you cherish. Place it where it can be seen and let it act as a daily reminder of your intentions.


Cultivate new energy and intentions

elease the past and move forward with intention. Each of our Ritual Kits has been created with a specific purpose in mind and contains a clear guide together with white sage and aromatherapy products to support you. Perfect for refreshing your home, welcoming love into your life or creating space for a new chapter.   


Create a calm and more mindful life

It's in those quiet moments of reconnection that we believe lies the power to live a calm and more mindful life.  One where your days are filled with more harmony than hustle and where making time for yourself becomes a natural part of your day.  Together with our mindfully created collection of natural aromatherapy products, we want to help you to rediscover those moments of pause in your day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Wendy Carnegie
A Cleansing Experience …

Herbal rituals, including sage smoke cleansing, are new to me.
I collected a friend from the airport on Sunday evening - 31st Dec 23’. We ate a little simple and wholesome food from Borough Market as we caught up with our news, sorrows (some loss), challenges, and joy.
My beautiful friend had brought an incredibly illustrated book, written in German (she is Swiss), all about rituals including white sage.
We read this together and then the details, included in the pure thoughts packaging.
Once ready, I sage’d my home working clockwise from the ground floor upwards having a ground floor door and an upstairs window open. As I walked, gently around, I repeated a mantra in my head. I Loved the practical process, the smell of the sage, and the feeling of cleansing.
Afterwards, I completed a special and intimate ritual regarding Love using the cleansing candle.
I have felt release, calm, and joy since these rituals and have shared the details of the company with my sister (who has shared with a friend), and my friend.
I was recommended your company via a friend and yoga teacher and I will continue to share.
Thank you for your cleansing Gift
Wendy 🤍


Lovely kit that last ages

Amazing results

First, I want to say thank you! My Home Cleansing Ritual kit can early.

I cleansed my home and myself the same day and the results was amazing. I could feel a change a 5-10 minutes after.

Also, my mum and sister also felt a change. Our homes were lighter and we felt light headed and like we was walking in air lol. I know that’s a sign it worked.

I highly recommend this and the store.

Lovely gift for myself

Decided to order this after moving into our new home a year ago in lockdown. It’s needed a lot of work/decorating and I liked the idea of giving it a cleanse as it has been a stressful time and also a period of illness for myself. Lovely gift and very happy with the handwritten note and free soap sample.

Jo, Tunbridge Wells
Customer Review

I have just bought another home cleansing ritual kit as I am moving home. I used my first kit whilst we were first in lockdown as I felt that I needed to revitalise my home. I was not disappointed and enjoyed the ritual as well as the after effects. My home felt energised and so did I! When I knew that I was moving soon, i decided that I wanted another set so that I could energise my new home too. A beautiful set to which I added a sage bowl which is also beautiful and well made. Thank you Pure Thoughts.

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