How To Boost Positivity Using Essential Oils

It's not uncommon to lose yourself in a bad mood; letting those negative thoughts spiral out of control and handing the reigns over to your inner critic for a while!  We've all been there, we blame outside influences; someone's comments, an argument or the state of the world.  In those moments, it's easy to loose faith in yourself and your ability to change how you feel.  But, there are lots of really quick ways to boost positivity when yours has hit snooze!    

My personal favourites are exercise, meditation or music - all take between 3 - 15 minutes and its well worth taking the time out rather than letting a bad mood steal your entire day.  Whichever method I use, I find that it's easily boosted when I team it up with the power of aromatherapy.  Breathing in my favourite oil, diffusing it in my office or wearing it while I exercise feels amazing and once you've built an association between feeling good and a particular scent then just a sniff of it should be enough to bring back that feel good energy.

So, to get you started or remind you about oils you might not have tried yet, here are four of my favourites...          

Rosemary is a powerful oil with a really big heart.  It speaks to our inner truth and encourages us to be more loving towards ourselves.  It helps to bring clarity back to a cloudy mind and improve our self confidence.  Known for it's cleansing abilities you'll find it useful for dispelling negativity within yourself and your environment.


Like so many other people, I find the sweet, earthy tones of patchouli oil deeply grounding.  It has the ability to hold us in the present  moment while encouraging us to let go of things beyond our control. Its an oil known for relaxing the mind and clarifying thoughts which together with it's grounding abilities makes it ideal for use during meditation.      

Eucalyptus is a fresh oil that brings light and harmony to our sense of self and our relationships with others.  It loves to tackle negative energies - if you know that you'll be working in a less than positive environment, try adding it to your bath before starting your day.  

Lemon is so uplifting for the mind and body.  It quickly refreshes your senses, improves your focus and inspires feelings of hope and positivity.  It's an oil to reach for when you’re lacking in energy or need help making a decision.

If you’re new to essential oils then here 's a few simple ways to to use them:

    • Inhale the scent by applying a drop of oil to your hands and cupping it around your nose while inhaling deeply
    • Apply oil to a cotton ball and place on your bedside, desk or in your car.
    • Make a room spray, add your oils to water - shake well and mist into each room.   
    • Add a few drops to a warm bath.
    • Use as a compress by adding a couple of drops to a cloth - hot or cold - and apply where needed.  


Co – Founder of holistic skincare brand, Pure Thoughts and advocate for women finding pause in their day to breathe deeply, give thanks and reconnect to what matters. Loves early mornings, dogs and books that you can’t put down.

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