7 Tips to de-stress your home

Coming home after a long day is usually a wonderful feeling, but if opening the door doesn’t fill you with a sense of calm that you dream of, then what can you do? Well, I'm all for working with what you’ve got rather than worrying about what you don’t. So, rather than putting your harmonious home on hold until you live in your dream space here are a few simple ways that will help you reduce feelings of stress in your home and create a place where you can feel a little more peace...   

Piles of paper, messy cupboards and out of control wardrobes all create noisy thoughts that you might not be aware of throughout your day. They’re always in the background reminding you...‘I must sort out those clothes’ ‘why can i never find what I'm looking for’ and ‘I’ve still not got around to…’  These thoughts take up precious mental energy and can quickly turn into self criticism. The solution is simple though - tackle the clutter.  To avoid overwhelm pick one spot per day (or week if there are lots) and don’t move on to the next until you’re happy that it’s resolved. Doing this not only de-stresses your home but helps to reduce your never ending mind chatter.  

After you’ve de-cluttered you might want to consider refreshing the energy in your home with our Home Cleansing Ritual Kit   
Clean the windows inside and out. Open blinds and curtains. Make it a point to open up your home to as much light and air as you possibly can. Keep the windows open late into the evening if the weather allows or open them up for an hour or two before you leave for work. There’s nothing like fresh air flowing around your home to really waken everywhere up and feel a refreshed sense of purpose.    

This could be something that you choose to do alone or get the whole family involved.  Unplug for 15-30 minutes and find the calmest space in your house to simply be. Enjoy your time without distractions or noise. I find that creating a ritual really helps too.  Try and make it the same time every day, maybe light a calming natural candle, turn off all devices and leave your phone in another room. Enjoying these quiet moments - alone or with loved ones - can help to strengthen and rebuild deeper connection.  

Take your favourite quotes or affirmations and turn them into pieces that you can frame or perhaps even write them as notes on your fridge! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Surrounding yourself with words and quotes that lighten your mood and make you feel like anything is possible is always going to have a great effect on your day. Plus, everyone else in the house gets to enjoy them too.  

I absolutely love plants, they bring life into your home like nothing else. And, there’s a huge amount to choose from. There are even varieties that can tolerate a little neglect if you’re not so good at remembering to water them!   

Your bedroom is a sacred space and needs to be treated as such to help you enjoy a great night’s rest.  Start by clearing any clutter; removing and recycling as much of it as you can. Then move the technology including TV’s and phones (if that sounds challenging, try it for 7 days and see how much better you feel), throw open the windows every morning and enjoy clean sheets as often as is manageable. If you are having trouble sleeping then here are a few more tips to help.

We all love a home that smells good, don’t we? But there’s quite a debate about the safety of what we use to scent our homes - personally I like to keep everything as natural as possible and avoid artificial fragrances and paraffin candles in my home. And, when you choose to use products infused with natural essential oils you get to enjoy the therapeutic benefits and have a great smelling home at the same time.  

So, there you have 7 simple ways to de-stress your home, they’re all easy to do and most of them cost nothing to achieve - which one will you starting this week?   


Co – Founder of holistic skincare brand, Pure Thoughts and advocate for women finding pause in their day to breathe deeply, give thanks and reconnect to what matters. Loves early mornings, dogs and books that you can’t put down.

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