6 Tips for Simplifying Your Life

Do you ever feel that life is too complicated, that you have too much to do, that you are spending too much time on things that don’t matter or aren’t necessary?

There is a lot to be said for living a simpler life. You’ll feel calmer, less stressed, and more settled in yourself and your world. There are lots of ways you can simplify your life, but it’s good to make a positive start so you notice an immediate change and improvement. Try these tips to see how they can change your life for the better.

This is a big one, because you can do it in all areas of your life. You can declutter your wardrobe, getting rid of things you no longer wear (or have never worn). You can declutter your shelves of books you don’t want or read, and declutter your kitchen of old gadgets and crockery that is never used or is chipped.

Do you cling onto things you bought for an old hobby that you don’t practice anymore? Get rid of them. Hanging onto them can stem from guilt, but you can always sell them second-hand, so you get something back. What else could you declutter from your life? 

This might sound odd, but I promise you, it is worth doing. Do you constantly receive emails you never read? These might come from shops or websites you signed up for or bought something from. If the only thing you ever do is to delete them, unsubscribe today. Think of it as decluttering your inbox. You’ll have fewer emails to deal with whenever you open your inbox, and that will save you lots of time.

If you have lots of emails coming in each day, spend five minutes a day unsubscribing from a few at a time. Eventually you’ll have covered them all.

I love my iPad and it’s great to pop onto Facebook and send a message or two to friends and family. But modern technology can also be a drain. Disconnect from it each day, perhaps during the evening. Alternatively, don’t pick up your phone or tablet until 9am. Find time each day to disconnect from it all. You’ll be amazed at the difference this makes – and the amount of time you suddenly gain to do other things. Do you really need to check your emails every hour?

Getting some ‘me’ time each day is a great way to ensure you build some calming downtime into your life. It provides time to step back and look at your life. You’ll find you work smarter not harder, and see things that are disrupting your life rather than simplifying it. Suffice to say, once you try this, you might discover some other ways to simplify your life each day.

It’s very easy to focus on the minutiae of life, while missing out on the one thing you should prize above all else… you. Downtime can provide calm, focus, and the chance to reduce any stress you might be feeling. Who would say no to all that?

Hmm, does this fit in here? I think so. You could spend an hour or more each day cooking if you cook from fresh every time. But an hour spent batch cooking your favourite healthy meal at the weekend will create a couple of extra portions that will keep for the coming week. That frees up time during the week, simplifying your weeknight routine while still providing you with healthy, nourishing meals to eat each day.

Take some time to plan each week, organising meals, doing one or two bulk dishes, freezing portions if needed, and so on. You’ll be able to do this in minutes with some practice, and it makes life so much easier as you go through the week.

This is a big one, and it is also one some people have trouble with. If someone asks you to do something, do you always say yes and regret it afterwards? It’s fine to say no if it is something you don’t want to do, or you don’t have time for it. It is also fine to devote time to nurture yourself. You won’t say no to everything, but you will begin to carve out some time in your schedule for you. Some breathing space, if you like.

If you feel overwhelmed reading through these tips, that is a sure sign you need to simplify things a bit. Try taking on one tip at a time – one per week, perhaps. Over the next six weeks, you will begin to make lots of changes, and you’ll feel the benefit of doing so, too.


Co – Founder of holistic skincare brand, Pure Thoughts and advocate for women finding pause in their day to breathe deeply, give thanks and reconnect to what matters. Loves early mornings, dogs and books that you can’t put down.

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