Relaxing Evening Rituals

Make it Meaningful
Ask yourself what you need from this time? Do you want to unwind with your favourite book, create time to meditate, explore your creativity or enjoy a yoga class. Taking time to think about what you need means that you’ll get what you need from the time - no matter how short that is to begin with.

Create Boundaries
Of course, you have things to get done during the evening and you’re probably not the only person in the house and so creating a few boundaries is a great place to start. That could be anything from having bags packed, meals enjoyed and children in bed on time. Let others know what you have planned and that you’ll be unavailable for a little while (start with a few minutes and build up the time).

Switch off Interruptions
The time you create for yourself is sacred and interruptions need to be minimised. That means switching off all screens including the TV, and putting your phone in another room where you can’t be tempted to pick it up.

Set The Scene
Keep the room you’ll be spending time in as clutter free as possible because you don’t want to be reminded of things that need doing while you relax! And, set the scene. It’s good to keep the lighting low and I always find that lighting an aromatherapy candle with calming therapeutic properties works wonders (I can highly recommend these 😉).

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When creating a relaxing evening ritual, the most important thing is to start wherever you are; small steps taken consistently are much more effective than grand gestures that don’t last a week. So, even if you can only create 10 minutes at the end of your day - make them your own and enjoy them.