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"I felt a sense of calm and clarity for the first time in a long while."
Bought these to remove any negative energy around me and my home after a difficult and challenging few months. They arrived beautifully packaged and I felt that they were very personally presented with care. I followed the Instructions and I proceeded to cleanse each room mindfully. I felt very immersed in the ritual. What followed was amazing, I felt a sense of calm and clarity for the first time in a long while and later that day received the good news I had been hoping for but doubted I would get. I really believe this works if you are open to receive. Very powerful indeed.


"the best I have ever used..." 
I received my smudge sticks today ... I was so touched by the care and love in the packaging and the note AND the beautifully thought out words.. and knew immediately that this is just the start of a relationship with your company for me... We have had a spell of ill health and ill heart in my house recently and although we pride our self on positivity, the house really needed the cleanse that I was able to give it that today. These smudge sticks are the best I have ever used.. THANK YOU !


"they definitely help during busy days."
I have a 5 month baby and a toddler and finding time in the day to reconnect can be hard. I absolutely love these pulse points and they definitely help during busy days.... all smell wonderful and you can tell they have been made with love and care.


"beautiful jar takes pride of place on my bedside table."
I bought this wonderful candle to help me with meditation. I have suffered from serious illness over the last few years and well made products are deeply important to me on many levels. This candle did not disappoint at all, the wonderful smelling soy candle contained in a beautiful jar takes pride of place on my bedside table and adds so much to my bedroom let alone meditation. Highly recommended. 


"I am definitely a convert!"
I purchased the Peace candle and Lavender & Maychang oil set as a treat for myself having had a bumpy start to the year. The candle smells so delicate and gentle - a real treat from the over-powerful alternatives on the market - and just perfect for what I intended; to have burning as I settle down with a book for the evening or to meditate with. I am definitely a convert!


"Pure Thoughts products take it to a whole new level."
These candles and other products are phenomenal! I have always used scented candles for myself and as part of my work, but these Pure Thoughts products take it to a whole new level. They are natural and of the highest possible quality, which means that not only do they smell great; the scent lasts and remains intoxicating throughout their use.