Natural Soy Wax Melts Collection (4 pack)

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Love your home to be filled with natural, welcoming scent? Then dive in and save when you buy four packs of our natural soy wax melts. Choose your favourites, or try one of each. Each pack is individually packaged and if you can part with them, they make wonderful gifts. 

Each individual pack contains 6 x generously sized natural soy wax melts (20g per melt). Simply choose from the menu above…

What you'll receive:
4 packs of 6 wax melts (20g) in the scent of your choice.

Good to know
  • Each melt provides scent for 6-10 hours 
  • Can be used with a traditional tealight or electric warmer.
  • Not suitable for use with electric steam diffusers.
  • Supplied in plastic-free biodegradable bag.

Scent descriptions

Festive Spice
Soft and spicy with a warm heart, our new festive-inspired soy wax melts fill the air with our unique blend of essential oils; cedar to cultivate love, grapefruit to clear the mind and a magical sprinkle of cinnamon to attract prosperity.

Bergamot & Lemon
Sweet, uplifting and a real tonic for your mind, body and spirit. This fresh, fruity natural soy wax melt is a blend of pure essential oils that encourage renewed energy and positivity.

Its light, revitalising scent is a welcome addition to any room and is wonderful during at-home wellness practices such as yoga and meditation. 

Lavender & Geranium
Cultivate a sense of harmony in your home with this deeply calming soy wax melt. Mindfully created with pure essential oils to help calm a busy mind, restore balance and ease tension. 

Enjoy its light, floral scent to create a haven of peace in any room, especially during quiet evenings to encourage rest and relaxation.

Petitgrain & Lemongrass
Light citrus notes together with floral undertones help to make this soy wax melt a delight for your senses. Mindfully created with pure essential oils that naturally cultivate positive emotions and mental clarity.

Enjoyable at any time of the day but especially helpful when you need to relax and re-charge. 

Eucalyptus & Peppermint
Lift your mood and sense of wellbeing with this fresh and energising soy wax melt. Mindfully created with pure essential oils to help banish mental fatigue and improve concentration.

With a cool, lightly menthol scent this wax melt is perfect for boosting positive energy in your home or work-space.


GMM free Soy wax, pure essential oils and botanicals


United Kingdom - Including UK Mainland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.

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How to use

Natural soy wax care tips:

  • Created to fill your home with natural scent for up to 10hrs per melt.
  • Place your warmer on a stable surface and use in accordance to manufacturers instructions.
  • Keep away from pets, children and draughts.
  • Place a complete melt into the well, being sure not to overfill.
  • Use an unscented tealight in your tealight warmer.
  • Never move your warmer or leave it unattended while in use.

Changing your wax melt:

  • When the scent begins to fade then its time to refresh your wax melt.
  • Never add a new melt to old wax - this will dilute the scent throw. 
  • When hard, your wax melt may be removed by simply pushing out of your burner.
  • Be sure that your burner is free from residue wax and then you’re ready to enjoy a new one.

    Why our Melts

    For every moment of pause


    Create a calm and more mindful life

    Natural Soy Wax Melt FAQ's

    Pure Thoughts natural soy wax melts are scented pieces of wax that gently melt when warmed and help to fill your home with a beautiful scent full of natural aromatherapy properties. .

    Our soy wax melts contain the same quality essential oils as our soy wax candles, however, they are slightly more concentrated which increases their scent throw and helps to fill larger spaces. They also have a longer burn time which represents better value for money.

    You’re welcome to use either type of burner with our soy wax melts, but we think that an optimal scent throw is created with a tealight warmer.

    Our soy wax melts are generously sized at 20g each and can be burned for 6-10 hours each.

    You can re-use your natural soy wax melts but with every subsequent use, the essential oils will get a little lighter resulting in a more delicate scent throw.

    If you have any questions about any of our products please do get in touch.

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