Gratitude Meditation Candle

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Evoke feelings of positivity and gratitude with our slow burning soy wax aromatherapy candle mindfully created with pure lemongrass; a light, energising essential oil that helps to uplift a tired mind and body. It promotes a sense of appreciation and helps dispel any negativity that stands in the way of you seeing all that you are blessed with.

Hand-poured in apothecary style amber glass that creates a rich and inviting glow. Our Soy Wax Meditation Candles have been created to enhance your practice without overwhelming your senses.

Burn time: 18-20 hours (100g) / 35-40 hours (160g)

Good to know

  • Cruelty Free & Vegan
  • No Palm Oil
  • No Paraffin Wax
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • No Synthetic Colours or Fragrances 

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Inspire positive emotions and a sense of gratitude everyday

We created our Gratitude Meditation Candle to inspire you to find pause in your busy day. Enjoy it as you meditate, practice yoga or simply enjoy a quiet evening.

Its light refreshing scent helps to raise a smile as you take a mindful moment to give thanks for all that you are blessed with.


GMM free Soy wax, 100% cotton wick and pure essential oils.


United Kingdom - Including UK Mainland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.

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How to use

Take good care of your meditation candle and it will serve you well. Here are our soy wax candle care tips...  

  • Burn initially for around 2 hours or at least until the melted wax has reached the edge of the jar. This creates what is called a memory burn and prevents tunnelling.
  • Never burn a soy wax candle for more than 3 hours.
  • Always keep the cotton wick trimmed to 5mm.
  • Once extinguished allow your meditation candle to cool for at least one hour before relighting.


Evoke positivity and gratitude.  An aromatherapy candle made from soy wax and pure lemongrass essential oil.
Evoke positivity and gratitude.  An aromatherapy candle made from soy wax and pure lemongrass essential oil.
Evoke positivity and gratitude.  An aromatherapy candle made from soy wax and pure lemongrass essential oil.
Evoke positivity and gratitude.  An aromatherapy candle made from soy wax and pure lemongrass essential oil.

Why our candles

For every moment of pause


Create a calm and more mindful life

Candle FAQ's

No, our meditation candles are created with GMM free soy wax, cotton wicks and pure essential oils.

Our soy wax meditation candles are created with a high concentration of essential oils. Together with our natural soy wax, they create a candle with a softer scent throw than paraffin or artificially fragranced candles. This means that you can work in close proximity to them while enjoying their natural aromatherapy properties and without your senses becoming overwhelmed.

They are slow burning meditation candles created with soy wax which typically burns for 30 -50% longer than a paraffin alternative. Each candle burns for approximately 18-20 hours (100g) / 35-40 hours (160g). Please burn initially for 2-3 hours or at least until the wax has reached the outer edges of the jar. This is called a memory burn and will prevent tunnelling and help you get the best from your meditation candle.

That’s right, palm oil is often described as natural vegetable oil and used in many candles. You can be rest assured that our meditation candles do not contain palm oil.

No we do not. There’s no hidden artificial fragrances in our candles only quality essential oils.

All of our meditation candles contain a cotton wick.

No because of the high concentration of essential oils in our meditation candles they are not suitable for application to the skin. We do create a natural body oil though that is perfect for massage.

Yes. Our full collection of meditation candles, natural soap and skincare are all suitable for vegans.

If you have any questions about any of our products please do get in touch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 162 reviews
A Williamson
Pure Thoughts is my go to company for genuinely natural candles.

The Gratitude candle is the ultimate feel good scent. Love it!

Amy Burt

A wonderful candle and great gift! Packaged beautifully and smells great!

Beautiful candles

Really beautiful smelling good quality candles

Eva Meyer
Smells divine

Pure bliss!

Tracy, London
Customer review

Last Christmas I received a Pure Thoughts Goodie bag that had the gratitude candle, soap, oil and white sage. I absolutely love it. I love the gratitude candle because it has a bold scent and its perfect for small rooms. I feel calm and relaxed after burning the candle. I use it when it's time to relax. I have purchased the candle again and I will do so again.

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