Beginners Guide To Crystals

Crystals support our intentions and remind us to be gentle with ourselves. I love using them to enhance my daily self-care practices as well as placing them around my home so that we can all enjoy their natural energy. 

If you’re beginning your journey with crystals then I’m excited to help you answer a few of the most commonly asked questions...

How do I choose my crystals?
You can either choose a crystal for a specific intention, for example, amethyst for healing energy, red jasper to boost your inner creativity or rose quartz to cultivate self-compassion. You can also let your intuition lead the way. We’re often attracted to the energy that we need most and so choose the stones that you feel most drawn to.

How can they help me?     
There’s a crystal for everything, whether you’re looking for a better night’s sleep, more love in your life, to attract more abundance or need help letting go of the past...the list goes on. With a clear intention and open heart, crystals can provide the support that you need to move forward.

What Should I do when I have my crystal?     
Before programming your crystals with your intentions, you need to cleanse them - it’s much simpler than it sounds, here are my favourite ways…

Natural Light: Place your crystals under the sun/moonlight for a few hours. The light from the full moon is said to be particularly powerful.

Cleanse with Smoke: I like to use a white sage stick for this but you can experiment with other methods too. Hold each stone in the smoke for 30-60 seconds.   

Sound: Using high vibrational music can help to cleanse your crystals, I like to use a singing bowl but you can choose whatever feels right for you. Visualise any unwanted energy leaving the stones as you let the sound wash over them.

Selenite Bowl: Place your crystals in a selenite charging bowl or plate.

How do I program my crystals with my intentions? 
Again, this is much simpler than it sounds. After cleansing your crystal, it’s time to program it with your own intentions. Hold it in your hands and take three deep breaths before repeating “I dedicate this crystal to my intention of…

Be very specific with your intention, this isn’t the time to be general with your requests.

While still holding your crystal imagine what it would feel like to reach your intention. So, if you need help supporting your self-care habits then take a few minutes to visualise what it would feel like to be nurtured and loved.

I also like to thank the crystal for its help.

If possible, keep your crystal close by for 7-10 days to increase your connection to each other. You could carry it with you, place it by your bedside or take some time daily to hold it while visualising your intention.     

So, that’s a very brief overview of how to begin your crystal journey. Please consider it a foundation for your own research. More than anything though, be patient while you begin your work and connect to the power of these beautiful stones.

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