7 Ways to Shift Negativity when it Strikes

There are some days, when for whatever reason your mood is off balance - it happens to us all.  But, if not dealt with that mood can soon escalate into negative thoughts and actions that spoils what could have been a much better day. I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I used to be the worst for this; I’d let the smallest things take over and let my mind run out of control with worry and negative thoughts.  These days, not so much. How? I’ve learnt to recognise it and take action so that it doesn’t take control.  I know that we’ve all found ourselves in one of those moods and so I want to share some of the things that always help me out….

We all know how fast our inner critic can spiral out of control.  It takes us to dark places and unless you shine a light onto it, it'll take down everything it can.  The key is to recognise it as soon as possible and stop it from going any further.  Even if it does manage to get in a few right hooks, be sure to swing right back at it with unconditional love and kindness - speak to yourself as if you would your best friend. If you need a few more tips on getting self talk under control, Here's how to use mindfulness to quiet internal chatter.

Dance around the house to your favourite playlist, throw some energy behind the housework or take a brisk walk outside with the dog. Whatever gets you moving will help to shift the negativity because exercise is proven to increase our happy hormones and we all want as many of those as we can get, right?! Be sure to keep the energy flowing for at least 10 minutes but I’m sure once you get started you’ll be moving for much longer than that!     

It’s too easy to reach for the wrong types of food when you’re feeling down.  And if you’re like most of us, the food guilt that follows will just leave you feeling even worse than before. So, do the right thing for your mind body and spirit and eat something that nourishes you. I find that it’s best to not let yourself get too hungry and so I eat small and often, enjoying lots of fruit and light plant based meals throughout the day. Making healthy food choices brings a feeling of virtue too - helping to lift your mood a little! 

Getting things moving always helps to shift negativity. So, when things are feeling off, I know that it’s time to declutter. Moving things around and ridding your space of anything that no longer serve you feels great and I like to think that it makes space for positivity to start flowing into your life.  Even if you don't have time for a full house clear out then start with your wardrobe or a few drawers that are overflowing.  Remember that even though something is no longer useful for you, it could be just what someone else is looking for and so if it’s in a usable and clean condition please donate it to your local charity shop or shelter.     

This is one of my favourites for shifting my mood and it doesn’t have to take that long. Step into the shower and as you enjoy the warm water, imagine your negative feelings being washed from you. Let it all go, shed tears if you need to and let them go too. If you have time, then turn it into a self care ritual with your favourite natural soap bar, fluffy towel and natural body oil to massage into your skin afterwards.

When those darker thoughts are winning, I know that it can be a challenge to see the good in your life. But, even if there’s only a glimmer of light, they’ll always be something to hold onto. This is where gratitude helps, try focusing on one thing that you;re grateful for today; you could give thanks for having a roof over your head, clean water to drink and a warm bed to snuggle up in.  Start with the small things and the light will begin to grow.  Gratitude can be life changing - Here are my favourite tips for developing a gratitude mindset.   

No matter who your chosen higher power is, taking time out for prayer is always such a grounding practice.  Whether you talk through your challenges, ask for guidance or  simply reconnect, creating this precious time within your day can help to find the light and perspective that you need.

I’m sure that you can think of a few extra things that you can add to your own list, so that when a bad mood strikes your can nip it in the bud without it taking over your day.  Try turning it into a physical list and carrying it with you until it becomes second nature.


Co – Founder of holistic skincare brand, Pure Thoughts and advocate for women finding pause in their day to breathe deeply, give thanks and reconnect to what matters. Loves early mornings, dogs and books that you can’t put down.

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