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Experience the power of divine goddess energy with our Inner Goddess Gift Box. It's time to nurture yourself, embrace your inner strength, and shine brightly on your spiritual path. 

To support you on your journey, our Inner Goddess Gift Box includes:
1 x Goddess Crystal Collection
1 x Love Meditation Candle (18 Hrs)
1 x White Sage Stick


260(w) x 200(d) x 105(h) in mm (Outer box) 

Vegan Friendly. Cruelty Free. Palm Free.


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United Kingdom - Including UK Mainland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.

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About this Gift Box

What you'll find inside our Inner Goddess Gift Box:

1 x Goddess Crystal Collection
Connect to the strength and comfort of divine goddess energy. Hold these crystals close to tap into feminine power, cultivate healing and as a reminder that you are worthy of your own love and self-compassion. 1 each of Rose Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst and Moonstone

1 x Love Meditation Candle
Open up to love and self acceptance with our slow burning soy wax aromatherapy candle mindfully created with pure geranium essential oil; a sweet, floral oil that helps to ease stress and overthinking. Known as a deeply feminine oil, geranium helps to restore emotional balance and creates a warm and loving space.

1 x White Sage Stick
Burning white sage or smudging is well known for its ability to purify and cleanse. It creates a calming ritual that helps to release the stagnant energy that can breed negativity. White sage sticks can be burnt for many reasons including moving into a new home, after a period of illness, starting a new chapter in your life or simply to refresh your energy before your daily meditation.


Mindfully created with Intention


Create a calm and more mindful life

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