6 Easy Ways to Boost Wellbeing in 10 minutes or less…

It’ll come as no surprise to you, that time is the biggest challenge for most of us when it comes to creating more space in our lives time for health and wellness. Today’s fast paced life, additional roles and
commitments means that so often we leave ourselves at the bottom of the list for far too long...which results in us feeling tired, emotional and vulnerable to illness.  

What if you could make a difference in 10 minutes or less? 

That’s right, what if you could boost your health and wellness in as little as 10 minutes a day? It might seem far-fetched, but bear with me because even the smallest things can make a difference. 

I’ve shared six of them here to help you get started on boosting your own health and wellness or simply for using on those busy days when time is short...      

Walking is the easiest and most underrated form of exercise and it’s so simple to fit into your day; whether that’s an extra few minutes from the carpark to your building, a short walk at lunch time or a wander with the dog at the end of the day. Most of us can manage a few extra minutes. It’s said that just 10 minutes can boost your metabolism, increase mindfulness, lower blood pressure and get those happy hormones flowing. 

I don’t doubt that you’ve heard the many benefits of meditation; lower stress levels, less anxiety and more focus...the list goes on. But, did you know that you can practice even if you only have a few minutes to spare? As well as my daily morning meditation practice, I often take short meditation breaks throughout my workday to keep my thoughts on track and rest my mind between tasks. It’s surprising how much of a difference that a few minutes can make.  

Try it yourself by using a short guided meditation or by simply putting on some calming music and taking a few deep breaths. 

My own meditation practice started with just 2 minutes every day because I knew there was no excuse for not finding 2 minutes! But the key was really committing to the practice for 30 days so that it became a habit. Could you find two minutes every day to meditate?  

To help out, here’s my 30 day wellness habit tracker, print yourself a copy and get started today.  To ease deeper into your moment of meditation see our meditation candles.     

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Think back to one of those moments when hearing a song transformed your mood in seconds. There’s no doubt that music has a power of its own. It’s been said to help lower stress, lift our mood and increase wellbeing. But, for it to be the most effective, you’ll want to create a few feel good playlists...nothing that encourages your mind to ruminate. Try taking a few minutes to mindfully listen rather than multi-task to enhance the benefits.       

When it comes to boosting our health and wellness the benefits of laughter are endless; it lowers our stress hormones while boosting the ones that support our health, gives us a momentary break from our worries, boosts our immune system and strengthens our connection to other people. But, how do we find more laughter in our day? Spend a few minutes chatting with the funniest friend you have, watch a short clip of your favourite comedian, learn to laugh at yourself more...you have to admit that some of the thoughts most of us have are funny! And, even though I’m an advocate for spending less time on your phone, there are some seriously funny people out there - be sure to follow a few so that when you do inevitably scroll it creates laughter and positivity.   

Not only does writing a journal help us to slow down and process what we are feeling but it also helps us to express ourselves, something that so many of us find challenging. It might not be something that you’ve done since your emotionally driven teenage years but even as an adult it’s helpful to see our thoughts on paper, to mindfully review them and understand where they’re taking us. Understanding our dreams, worries or fears opens the door to increased perspective and freedom from the things that we feel are holding us back.     

In 10 minutes or less? I know this one might feel like a stretch and only really possible if you’re working from home unless you can shut your office door and not be disturbed. But, it’s been said that even a 10 minute nap can help to restore focus and mood. My thoughts are that if we feel refreshed and happy then we’re much more likely to take time to cultivate our health and wellness; we make better food choices, exercise more often and are more present when we spend time with our loved ones.

So, that’s how to boost your health and wellness in 10 minutes or less. Are you ready? It’s time to stop putting off taking better care of yourself until you have more time because every day counts. Being consistent is key and so please print yourself a copy of my 30 day wellness habit tracker and a copy of my 30 day wellness habit tracker and get started today.     


Co – Founder of holistic skincare brand, Pure Thoughts and advocate for women finding pause in their day to breathe deeply, give thanks and reconnect to what matters. Loves early mornings, dogs and books that you can’t put down.

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